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Check in / Check-in time / Payment for accommodation

Check in time: 14.00

Check-out time: 12.00

Payment for accommodation and services in a guesthouse made for free (contract) prices approved by the leadership for the entire period of residence at the time of arrival (prices listed on the site in the section numbers).

Payment for accommodation will be charged in accordance with a single checkout time - from 12 hours of current day local time.

In the case of a coherent living of delayed departure of more than 1 hour but no later than 18 hours, local time will be charged an additional hourly fee of 4euro per hour. In the case of a coherent delay residing at a later date will be charged the amount equal to the total cost nights in occupied rooms.

Guest Accommodation in the reserved room before check-in time is allowed in agreement with the administration. With living an extra charge of 4 euro per hour.

Bank cards to pay for technical reasons are not accepted.

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